Peter Pan



Peter Pan - Ray Quinn

Tinkerbell - Claire Simmo

Mr Smee - Liam Mellor

Mrs Smee - Simon Foster

Wendy - Laura Gregory

Tiger Lilly - Charlotte Gallagher

Hook - Phillip McGunniess

Peter Pan Ray

Reviews Hub - Writer Liam Mellor joins forces with St Helens regular Simon Foster as Mr &Mrs Smee respectively, and the pair bring plenty of comic moments to the show and help keep the production firmly in panto territory including a novel take on the mop scene usually found in Dick Whittington.


Liverpool Echo - The essential comedy piece in the panto jigsaw comes from Liam Mellor as Smee and St Helens panto dame favourite Simon Foster as Mrs Smee. Liam wrote this new stage version of Peter Pan and has been generous with the number of gags, making the most of a bubbling bantering chemistry between the pair.


St Helens Star - Hook’s sidekicks, bawdy double-act Mr and Mrs Smee - played with evident pleasure by Liam Mellor and Simon Foster - hold the action together and steal the show with a mixture of classic panto gags reworked for the occasion, plenty of quick-witted ad-libbing and a spattering of well-disguised adult humour. They had us all, children and grown-ups alike, choking on our popcorn with laughter. My eight-year-old really couldn’t stop laughing.