Beauty & The Beast



Belle                            - Amy Thompson

Fairy Rose                   - Nikki Grahame

French Frank                - Liam Mellor

Potty Polly                   - Simon Foster

Prince / Beast              - Ric Hazelwood

Gaston                        - Philip McGuinness

Madame Botox            - Hannah Potts


Reviews Hub - Joining her are St Helens regulars Liam Mellor as French Frank – which plays out like the dirty love child of a Parisian Frank Spencer and Simon Foster as Potty Polly. Foster still stands as one of the country’s most underrated dames and his chemistry with Mellor is second to none and their comedy routines delivered with hilarious results.


North West End - The scriptwriter Liam Mellor also played the part of French Frank with his love interest Potty Polly being played by local talent and the Theatre Royal's hilarious 'Resident Dame', Simon Foster. This comic duo clearly seemed to be enjoying themselves, which was infectious. Inevitably some of the funniest parts of the show was during the audience participation and the pair's quick thinking ad lib's when interacting with the audience and just the right smattering of adult humour had both children and adults alike chuckling. With pair providing the framework for the progression of the story as well as the comedy value.